How many images will we receive?

On average for the typical wedding you will receive approximately 350 - 500 images, depending on the coverage you are after. The only reason I will not present an image to you is if there is a better version available.

When it comes to albums, the two most popular sizes I offer are A4, which holds up to approximately 60 images and an A3 which holds approximately 80 images. Both albums are usually around 40 pages in length.

Do we get our negatives?

Yes you do!

Every package I offer contains all of the digital negatives from your day. From my point of view this is what you are paying for and I don't want to hold the negatives as ransom for extra sales later down the track.

You will receive the highest resolution images available, so we will both retain a copy in case anything unforeseen happens down the track, like computer failure or accidental loss.

What about copyright restrictions?

All of my wedding clients receive "non-commercial" usage rights to your images. This means that you can use them for any personal use that you require, like printing off for family and friends, emails or Facebook etc. The only restriction is that you can not make a commercial gain from the images, selling them to a wedding magazine etc.

If you do want to submit your images to any bridal magazine that is fine, all I ask is a by-line such as "Chris Young Photography" be noted on each image, however normally the magazine will make contact with me to gain permission for usage.

I do maintain copyright ownership of the images and the right to use them for any commercial purpose, such as my website, advertising of any type or display in my studio etc. If for any reason you do not want your images used for any promotional purposes just let me know.

Do you provide re-touched images?


Every image you receive will have gone through a number of post processing stages and be perfect before I allow it to be released -

  • Colour correction, sharpening and ensuring beautiful consistent lighting in each and every image.

  • Some images will receive a little more work where there might be some distraction in the image, stray hairs or background distractions etc.

  • In some cases I might create a different version of the original image, black & white or other current effects will be applied where suitable. You will always receive the original colour version though, so if your tastes change you will always have options available to you.

I am more than happy to help anyone who would like any particular re-touching provided, let's face it sometimes things like blemishes, cold sores might pop up when least expected, so I am more than happy to fix these for you.

My re-touching style is to only enhance what is already there in a natural way, over processed images is something that I avoid at all costs as it dates and places a time stamp on what era this image belongs to.

I want you to be able to look at your images 50 years from now and be proud of them.

How long before my images are ready?

One of the many benefits of being a full time photographer is that I have nothing else to distract me from working on your images straight away.

After your wedding I start sorting and working on them the very next day and usually have a few sneak peaks up on my blog before the next weekend. I like to be on top of my workload so keep working hard to ensure I never get behind.

Around the same time frame (1-2 weeks) I am pretty much finished all that I need to present to you.

Normally by the time all of my couples are back from their honeymoon, I am the one eager to meet and show them everything.

Are you part-time or full-time?

After a fair few years of working part-time, I am so glad to say that I am and have been full-time for the last few years.

This is a big benefit, as having another job takes away so much time from being able to provide the high quality results in a reasonable time frame - in the end something has to give.

I have a studio in Kings Meadows, which is a cool & relaxed space to meet with clients and show them my work and the products I have available. I keep my operating costs as low as possible, so I can in turn keep my prices as affordable as possible for my clients.

I trained for many years at school and have worked with many other professional full-time photographers, I can assure you this is my life passion and my aim is to bring you the best value for money & quality available.

What other day will you spend more time & effort in looking as good as possible in your entire life?

I understand this and you need to have the confidence and trust that your photographer knows what to do in any situation - rain, hail or shine.

Do you travel?


Anywhere you are wanting to get married, I am more than willing to travel to. I have previously shot weddings all over Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria and I love them - different backgrounds really get's me excited.

What set's you apart from others?

I like to think that my relaxed personality and professionalim which has been aqquired over many years of work in this industry sets me apart from others. Prior to me owning this business, I worked beside the previous owner of this business and aqquired invualable skills and knoledge that have helped me to where I am today. I understand that every client and their needs is different, and work accordingly in a relaxed and confident manner.

How would you describe your style?

In terms of how I shoot I aim to be unobtrusive, relaxed and enjoyable because it is your day and nothing should take away from that.

I will set you up based on the best light available and let you do your thing, if you are looking for direction or you are not looking as best as you can I will give you some direction, but keep it as natural as possible.

In terms of my photography I would definitely say that beautiful, natural and loving is the style I aim for, while ensuring that the image looks timeless so if can be appreciated in the years to follow.

How do we book you?

It's pretty simple, simply get in contact with me and let me know your date.

Once I check my availability for your date I will let you know my full package prices and offer to meet up at my studio, have a drink, talk through your day, show you some albums and have a few laughs.

To secure your date a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required (which comes off whichever package you choose) and a wedding agreement needs to be signed - which just outlines your rights when hiring a photographer.

We will again catch up closer to your big day and discuss the finer details, such as where you will both be in the morning and where you would like me, the locations we will use and anything else that is important to you.