Hi! My name is Alex Giles and I am a professional photographer running my own business based in Launceston, Tasmania. Chris Young and I worked together over a 6 year period where he taught me invaulable skills that I will be forever greatful for. Chris and his lovely family decided they wanted a change in 2014, moving to the Sunshine Coast. This gave me the oppotunity to purchase the amazing business that Chris built and I had been working in for 6 years. This oppotunity allowed me to apply my personal touches to the business and push it in my own exciting, unqiue direction.

I am a young, 22 year old man that has had a burning passion for photography since the moment I recieved my first camera. Photography trasnformed my life. It is a dream come true to own my own photography business and I am very proud to have achieved this at such a young age with the help of my incredibly supporting parents and of course, Chris.

If you would like to know more about the survices I proviode and what I can do for you, I have a comfortable studio in Kings Meadows where I meet with clients, have a drink, talk through their requirements, show them some of my work and the products that are available. I like to ensure that no matter whom I am working for that we are all relaxed and enjoying the time together, I am a very laid back easy going guy – no other way to be I don’t think.

So if there is anyway in which I can help you out, drop me a line or contact me through this website.

Kind Regards